Cumulus generates all sorts of interesting information for our users. Cumulus can display all sorts of interesting information that shows up in the Statistics section. Check out the Related Articles to find out more about Cumulus statistics. 

Reports can be sent out to users. The user's account type will determine what reports they can receive.

Daily Quarantine Digest

The Daily Quarantine Digest can be activated on any user account: Administrator, Quarantine Administrator, or Individual User. When active, Cumulus will send an email notifying the user of the emails placed in their quarantine. 

To protect our users from quarantine floods, the Daily Digest is only generated once per day (sent at around 07h00, based on the user's configured timezone). 

The Daily Digest will give information about the emails that were quarantined over the last 24 hours. If no emails were quarantined, no Daily Digest is sent. Messages that have been deleted or released from the quarantine will not appear in the Daily Digest.

Please note: It is currently not possible to change the frequency or time of sending of the Daily Digest.

When users look over their Daily Digest, they will see all the same information they can see when viewing their quarantine. The Daily Digest can be a helpful tool in knowing if a message was incorrectly quarantined. For safety reasons, we do not allow actions to be taken on the user's quarantine directly using the Daily Digest email: instead, users have to log in to Cumulus.

Weekly Statistics Report

Administrators can choose to receive a copy of the Statistics by date by email. This report is sent at the beginning of every week and it contains the same information as the Statistics by date section in Cumulus.