Cumulus generates all sorts of interesting information for our users. Some of that information can be sent via email as reports. To learn more about reports, check out the Related Articles.

Cumulus can display all sorts of interesting information which shows up in the Statistics section. Data is displayed under two sub-tabs: Statistics by date and Dashboard.

Statistics by date

Detailed email traffic statistics are generated on a weekly basis. They are uploaded to Cumulus between Sunday night and Monday morning and are organized per domain. These statistics provide visual feedback on the following information for a given period:
  • The number of messages rejected at the envelope level along with the number of times each rule was fired.
  • The number of messages put into quarantine
  • Total number of legitimate email delivered
  • Total number of spam messages detected
  • Total number of filtered messages
  • The percentage of spam traffic for the domain
  • The number of messages released from the quarantine
  • Total number of phishing emails detected
  • Total number of viruses detected and a recipient list for each virus
These statistics are also compiled in a monthly report. To access this report, simply click on the name of the month when choosing your time period. 
Cumulus currently has no limit to the number of statistics reports it keeps.

Statistics Dashboard

The statistics dashboard is generated each time an administrator opens it. As such, it can take a few seconds for the relevant information to be compiled and displayed. This page will give an overview of email traffic over the last 31 days starting with the previous day. This information will be shown in two graphs: Rejected emails and Delivered emails. Below these graphs, the dashboard will also show the following information:
  • The quantity of delivered mail
  • The average size of delivered messages
  • The total size of delivered messages
  • The volume of blocked email
  • Estimated bandwidth savings
  • The total number of filtered messages 

The statistical dashboard also provides the following 4 pieces of security information:

  • The top 5 viruses filtered during the period
  • A list of all recipients of these viruses
  • The top 5 recipients in terms of traffic volume
  • The top 5 recipients in terms of total number of messages received (includes legitimate and spam mail combined)
A summary of the statistics for the previous day containing the same information as the 31-day overview can also be found at the bottom of the page.