The Definitive Guide to User Creation in the Control Panel

You may have heard several different and conflicting recommendations about creating users in the Control Panel. 

This guide aims to clear the confusion.

This information should only be used by Direct Partners. Contact us if you have any questions.

Customers that Existed on Zerospam

No need to change the User Creation mode

For accounts that existed on Zerospam and were upgraded to Hornetsecurity, there is no need to change the User Creation mode. You can keep these customers on the SMPT User Check mode. 

The number of users indicated in the Control Panel will NOT be used for billing. We will use the number of users that was DECLARED on Zerospam.

The only exception is for customers who decide to stay with 365 Total Protection Enterprise after the promotion. Those customers will then be billed according to the number of active Exchange licenses they have. 

To change the declared number of mailboxes for a customer

In order to change the number of mailboxes for a customer who was on Zerospam before the upgrade to Hornetsecurity, you need to send an email to

Customers New to Hornetsecurity

For any account added to the Control Panel after the upgrade to Hornetsecurity, billing will be based on the number of mailboxes indicated in the Control Panel and on the new price list you have received. 

It is therefore very important to select a good user creation mode. For detailed instructions, please see the Related Articles