Importing Users In The Hornetsecurity Control Panel

Hornetsecurity requires you to create each user in the Control Panel, which was not necessary with Zerospam. 

You now have access to the Control Panel and all your users are created automatically using the SMTP user check method, which ensures the service will be uninterrupted.

You will then have 1 month to import your users in the Control Panel. Here is why we strongly recommend doing it as soon as possible

This article will guide you through the different methods available for you to do so.

We recommend you start exploring the Hornetsecurity's Manual and get to know your new product and the exciting features it brings.

365 Total Protection Enterprise
LDAP Synchronization
CSV import Control Panel

365 Total Protection Enterprise

If your emails are hosted on Office 365, we recommend using 365 Total Protection Enterprise. This package comes with a lots of extremely desirable features, such as encryption, email archiving and ATP. It also automatically synchronizes your users in the Control Panel.

You can find the 365 Total Protection tab directly in your Control Panel menu. Please refer to the Hornetsecurity documentation to activate 365 TP. This operation requires Office365 administrative rights.

LDAP Synchronization

If you have an LDAP server which can be interfaced from the Internet, you can use LDAP synchronization to import and synchronize your users in the Control Panel

  • You will first need to activate your LDAP Connection in the Control Panel. You can follow these instructions to do so.
  • You will then need to synchronize your users. More information on this step can be found on this page.

Note that if you had LDAP synchronization enabled in Cumulus, your settings have been migrated, but you will have to add Hornetsecurity's IPs to your firewall.

If LDAP synchronization is the user creation method you chose and you have addresses that are not in your Active Directory, please make sure you add them manually to the Control Panel.

CSV Import

If you do not use O365 or possess an LDAP server, you can import your users by using a CSV file.

You will need to generate your own CSV file that complies with the Hornetsecurity format. Note that we will not be offering support on the CSV file generation.

You can refer to our Importing Mailboxes in the Hornetsecurity Control Panel from a CSV file article for more information as well as the required format for this procedure.

Please note that this method will not synchronize automatically and will require manual updates when new users are added/removed.

Control Panel

Finally, you can add users manually to the Control Panel. 

This process is well documented in the Hornetsecurity manual

Make sure you are under the right scope by selecting the desired domain in the top-right scrolling menu when adding users.

Please note that this method will not synchronize automatically and will require manual updates when new users are added/removed.