July 7th Hornetsecurity Upgrade

On July 7th 2021 management of emails for Zerospam customers will move from Cumulus to Hornetsecurity's Control panel. This will be done in 3 steps starting early in the morning in EDT time.

1. All email settings will be imported from Cumulus

Your settings and administrators will be migrated from Cumulus. See the Related Articles.

It is worth noting that two important settings will be disabled after the importation:

  1. Quarantine reports
  2. The Infomail filter

These are disabled so that your users are not surprised by new emails and to avoid initial false positives. Once you have had time to customize your interface, we suggest you enable these features.

2. You will be given access to the Control Panel

We will send administrator emails to show them how to reset their passwords and access the Hornetsecurity's Control Panel. In order to orient yourself better, please watch our webinars and sign up to partner or customer training sessions that are coming shortly.

3. Traffic will be redirected to Hornetsecurity's filters

Zerospam will move the DNS entries so that emails are redirected to Hornetsecurity's filters. No action is required on your part for this, see Related Articles.

A few notes about the transition

  • You do not need to import your users before July 7th, as this is not possible without access to the Control Panel.
  • End users will not receive quarantine reports until you enable quarantine reports. This will enable you to customize your settings before you enable the quarantine reports.
  • Zerospam will not communicate by email with customers supported by partners. Partners will be able to chose the timing and content of communications with partners, including accessing the Control Panel.