Importing Mailboxes in the Hornetsecurity Control Panel from a CSV file

The Hornetsecurity Control Panel supports the bulk creation of user accounts through CSV files. For other methods of adding your users, please see the Related Articles.

You may follow this article to prepare a CSV file for your account.

Once you have access to the Hornetsecurity Control Panel, detailed import steps will be available in its documentation.

Please note, if a mailbox is not added to the Hornetsecurity Control Panel it will not receive emails. Hornetsecurity will only filter the emails from existing mailboxes.

The CSV file will need to follow these guidelines to avoid errors.

  • Set the three CSV column headers in this order, "name;aliases;environment".
    • name - The main email address of the user.
    • aliases - The email address aliases. Must be separated by a comma.
    • environment - This column must use the string "primary" for it's value in every row.
  • Use semi-colons for delimiters " ; "
  • The file extension must be .csv
  • The CSV must use 1 line/row per entry.
  • The first column (name) must not be empty in any row.
  • The (aliases) column can remain empty if no aliases need to be imported for the user account.
  • The (name) email address must not be duplicated in its (aliases) column.
  • Duplicate (name) values with different aliases will be ignored.
  • Email addresses using domains that do not exist in your Control Panel will be ignored.
  • Email addresses that do not follow the formatting "" will be ignored.

Here is an example file that the system will accept: