Hornetsecurity Upgrade Steps

Here is what you need to do to upgrade your organization or your customers from Cumulus to Hornetsecurity. Note that for some links you will need access to the Hornetsecurity Control Panel. See the FAQ in the Related Articles.

For more information about the upgrade, check out our other articles.

If you are buying through a distributor, please see the article about distributors in the Related Articles

1. Access your Hornetsecurity Control Panel

All Cumulus Administrators will shortly receive credentials for the Hornetsecurity Control Panel. 

You will need to reset your password and access your settings. Your settings will have been imported from Cumulus. For more information on what was imported, see the Related Articles.

2. Wait for your email traffic to be routed through Hornetsecurity's filters on July 7th 2021

On July 7 th starting at around 04:00 EDT Zerospam will modify the destination of your MX records. For example, if your organization was using filter1234.zerospam.ca as an MX record, this will now point to one of Hornetsecurity's filtering gates. Outbound gateways will also be migrated in the same fashion. See the Related Articles.

You do not have to modify any DNS entries.

Emails will gradually stop appearing in the Cumulus Logs and Quarantine and instead be appearing in the Control Panel's Email Live Tracking.

There are no required actions for you to take at this stage, but there are a few things we recommend you do during that day:

  • Check in the Email Live Tracking if some of your partner's communications are blocked as infomail, and if so allow them directly from the Email Live Tracking.
  • Check that you are comfortable with the default frequency and the look of quarantine reports. If you are not, you can modify it here. Once you are comfortable with it, we recommend enabling quarantine digests as well as the infomail filter.
  • Check out all of the new features you can add under Security Settings.
  • Keep an eye on the FAQ in the Related Articles as we update it for new questions that come in and if you have a question that we have not answered yet, email us at noc@zerospam.ca.

3. Import your users in the Control Panel

Once you have been granted access to the Control Panel on July 7th, you will be able to import your users in the Control Panel. You can follow these instructions in order to do so.

Why you really should import your users

Individual users are much more important in the Control Panel than they were in Cumulus. They allow users to manage their personal allow and deny lists and to manage their Hornetsecurity quarantine report settings. Most importantly, they are used for billing.

On July 7th, SMTP user creation will be enabled and all valid recipient email addresses will be created in the Control Panel. This situation is not desirable in the long term for the following reasons:

  • Users will receive separate quarantine reports for each of their aliases.
  • Users will need to manage their allow and deny lists for each alias separately.
  • If you do not have recipient validation enabled, users with invalid email addresses will be created.
  • You will be billed for a number of users that exceeds your real number of users.

For these reasons, we suggest only keeping SMTP user creation in the long term if your organization checks  both of the following criteria:

  • Mailboxes do not have aliases
  • You have enabled recipient validation

Please import your users as soon as possible for the best user experience.

A note on billing

Prices are grandfathered for all existing Zerospam customers so the number of users billed after the Upgrade will be equal to the number of users that was declared in Cumulus at the time of the upgrade. However, changing the user creation method in the Control Panel will enable you to have a more exact user count. It will then be possible to adjust billing to changes in your user count. A more exact user count will also be required if you wish to activate other Hornetsecurity services.

4. Optional steps

Shortly after July 7th, we will contact you regarding enabling the infomail filter as well as quarantine reports, but you can start thinking of how you want to manage these.

Later this year, we will ask you to do changes to your DNS and firewall. These changes won't be required before a few months, but you if you prefer you can do the following now rather than later. Here are the details:

  • Allow all of Hornetsecurity's IPs into your firewall both for inbound and outbound filtering.
  • If you are using outbound filtering, add include:spf.hornetsecurity.com to your SPF record.
  • If you are using outbound filtering, change your outbound gateway to relay-cluster-ca01.hornetsecurity.com

Eventually, you will need to change your MX records to values we will provide you with.