Zerospam Hornetsecurity feature map

This article aims to map features from Cumulus to Hornetsecurity's Control Panel. You might need to be logged in to the Control Panel to access some of these links. If you do not yet have access to the CP yet, you can get a copy of the manual here.

You can check out other articles related to the Hornetsecurity upgrade here.

The following features will be migrated as best as possible.

Cumulus Hornetsecurity Control Panel
Logs and Quarantine Both are replaced by Email Live Tracking.
Quarantine spam score The concept is replaced by Email Categories.
IP and sender allow and deny lists Migrated to Allow and deny lists, does not include comments or expiration dates.
Maximum email size Migrated, can be changed up to 100MB under Content Control.
Blocked extension types Migrated to Content Control.
Non-authenticated senders Integrated to the Allow list, as SPF/DMARC are bypassed by the Allow list.
LDAP sync Migrated to LDAP. Please ensure you add Hornetsecurity's IPs to your firewall.
Transport Migrated, called destination.
Outbound authorized IPs Migrated, under Relay IP addresses for outgoing emails.
If you are using M365, you will be migrated to a 365 Total Protection trial.
Stats You can find them under email statistics.
You will need to subscribe if you want to receive them.
Users Administrators and Quarantine Administrators are migrated to roles.
Timezones and language are migrated.
Individual users are not migrated, add them to mailboxes.
Greymail Replaced by infomail filter.
Mirror domains Included in domains. Note that mailboxes are no longer domain-specific.
Outlook plugin and M365 add-in Replaced by the outlook add-in.
The legacy options will still be functional.
Email continuity service Replaced by the continuity service.
Note that it must be set up ahead of an outage.
Incurs recurring monthly fees, no setup or usage fee.

The following features do not have a direct equivalent and will not be migrated

Cumulus Hornetsecurity Control Panel
Single Sign On Not currently supported.
If using 365 Total Protection, users can log in with their M365 credentials.
Multi-Factor Authentication Not currently supported, on the roadmap.
If using 365 Total Protection, users can set up MFA M365 credentials.
Forced encryption
(was a backend operation)
Not migrated.
Replaced with the add-on service Email Encryption.
This service is included with 365 Total Protection.
Outbound allowed senders and recipients Not migrated.
Note that sending of mass-emails is now permitted.
Spearphishing module Not migrated.
Can be configured through the Targeted Fraud Forensics Filter. The TFFF is included in the optional ATP module.