Recipient List

Cumulus has the ability to provide you with details regarding the number of mailboxes that it has succeeded in delivering email for a specific domain. These details can also be exported in .csv format.

To access the recipient list: 


Select the desired domain by clicking view.

Recipient Information
Item Description
Nb mbx used
Number of mailboxes that our filters succeeded in delivering emails to
Rejected recipient count
Number of emails rejected by the mail server
Count start date
Date the count started

Click on Recipient List and you will arrive on the Recipient Search. You may choose to narrow displayed results or simply hit the search to pull up all records.

Recipient Search
The following options can be used to narrow the search results:
  • Recipient
  • Min. message count
  • Max message count
  • Active since 
After running the search, you will be able to see and browse the results or export a copy to .csv by clicking export in CSV.
You can click on view on the line of an email address to get more information abou the last email transaction.
Recipient List 
Item Description
Recipient Address
The recipient email address
Message Count
Total numbers of email received by the recipient
Last Message Date
Date at which the last message for this address was relayed
Last Queue ID
Node/Email ID