Organization Preferences

The General Parameters contain settings that apply globally for your organization. This includes setting the Content Persons, viewing your assigned MX records, and additional recipients for statistics.

This article applies to Administrator accounts - Quarantine Administrator accounts can view this information but cannot edit the parameters

Administrators can manage their organization's preferences under:
My Organization → Parameters → General

Editing Organization Preferences User Self-Provisioning
Viewing Your Filtering MX Records Setting Contact Persons
Additional recipients for weekly statistics Uploading a Corporate Logo

Editing Organization Preferences

The General Information section contains various options concerning your account. To edit them, click on the edit link in the upper right of the section.

Corporate Name
The name by which your organization's account should be identified.
Portal Prefix Shows whether your organization presently has a custom portal address assigned to it and what that prefix is.

This feature is free but is otherwise reserved for larger organizations or those that wish to activate Single Sign-On.
To configure a personalized portal prefix, please contact support.

Disable Portal self-provisioning
Prevents users from signing up themselves for a user account on your custom portal address (if activated).
Disable Organization self-provisioning
Prevents users from signing up themselves for an individual user account in Cumulus.
Language The default language that should be shown for accounts in the organization.
Time Zone
The default time zone that should apply for accounts in the organization.
Message Lifetime
The number of days a quarantined message will be kept in Cumulus before being automatically deleted. (Allows a range between 7 - 31 Days)

Mailbox count renewal

This section allows administrators to see the date for the annual mailbox count update for their organization along with the present status of their update process (Confirmed, Updating, Submitted, Alert, Manual or Expired).

User Self-Provisioning

Users that belong to a filtered domain are capable of registering for their own individual Cumulus account. Find below the steps to self-provision:

  1. Open the login page of Cumulus
  2. Click on the Register tab and fill in all the required fields. 
  3. Click on the Send. Cumulus will send a confirmation email. 
  4. Follow the instructions in the email sent from Cumulus.

Administrators can turn off this function under the general parameters in their account and uncheck disable portal self-provisionning.

Portals configured with a custom prefix can disable this option by unchecking the disable organization self-provisionning.

Viewing Your Filtering MX Records

You can find a copy of your MX records in the section MX to be used.

  • Use the MXs assigned to you. Each organization has its own MX records. If you manage more than one organization in Cumulus, it is important that each domain uses the MX records that it owns.
  • Use the three MXs. You have three MX records for redundancy purposes. If one of the filters has a problem, the others can automatically take over.
  • Do not have any other server as MX. To ensure protection, your emails must go through our filters. If you have another server in your MX, we cannot guarantee that all your emails will be filtered.

Setting Contact Persons

If your account is handled by a partner, all notifications will be sent to them instead of any contacts you set here. This section remains available so that you can set contacts in the event your account status should change.

This section defines contacts for Cumulus' various automated notifications. The first administrator in a new Cumulus account will be set as the Default contact person. If no one is set to receive a particular category of message, they will be sent to the default contact instead.

Contact types and details

When creating or editing a contact, you will be able to choose which emails they should receive. 

We recommend adding a cellphone number to your account. It can be used to notify you email delivery issues.

Type of Notification
Technical support Technical support related inquiries from clients.
Mail delivery issues Sent when your mail servers are not accepting emails.
Outbound filtering configuration Outbound filtering configuration instructions and activation notice.
Service configuration Service configuration technical instructions and tips.

Type of Notification
Sales support Sales related inquiries from clients.
New client created Sent at client creation.
Service activation Sent when a domain is properly configured and activated.
Trial expiry Sent 7 days before the end of the free trial.

Type of Notification
Billing support Billing related inquiries from clients.
Service Deconfiguration Domain or account deconfiguration instructions and acknowledgments.
Yearly mailbox count update Yearly mailbox count instructions and reminders.

Additional recipients for weekly statistics

In addition to any users who have set this option in their profile, it is possible to send weekly filtering statistics to email addresses that are not linked to users in your Cumulus account. This allows you to easily share information concerning your filtering with partner organizations or consultants.

To add or remove entries in this list, you can use the Add a recipient and Delete links in the upper right corner of the section.

It is possible to white-label Cumulus along with a custom URL. If you are interested, please contact us so we can get this setup for you. To get started, please upload your corporate logo by going to:

My Organization → Parameters → General

At the bottom of the page, you can choose to upload a logo which will then be visible in the upper left corner for all users in your organization. The uploaded image should ideally be a 180-pixel wide by 90-pixel high .jpg image.

It should be noted that the corporate logo will only show up once the custom URL is configured.