User Accounts

The User List page is where administrators can manage profile information and preferences for all user accounts in their organization, including password resets and email addresses linked to accounts.

This article applies to Administrator accounts - Quarantine Administrator accounts can view this information but cannot edit the parameters.

Administrators can manage user accounts under:
My Organization → Users

User Types Deciding which Accounts to Create
Adding New Users Deleting Users
Resetting User Passwords
Editing User Profiles

User Types

There are three types of users that can be created in Cumulus:


These users have full access to all of Cumulus’ features. 

Quarantine Administrators

Administrator accounts can be limited to Quarantine administration only. They can view all the same sections as Administrators, but cannot edit any information.

Quarantine Administrator accounts should be given to key actors in your company to help facilitate dealing with any false positives that may occur.

Individual Users

Although there are benefits to allowing specific people in your organization to manage their quarantine, think hard before deciding to create individual accounts for all end-users in your organization. Experience has shown us many times that systematically creating these accounts generates a hefty support load for your team at best and at worst ends up leading to inexperienced users releasing dangerous emails.

This user type has the most restricted access and is intended for end-users of your organization. Their quarantine will only show emails for their own authorized addresses.

User Permissions

Administrator View organization quarantine.
Release or delete emails for all users.
Search Add, remove, or edit View Add, remove, or edit Search
Quarantine Administrator View organization quarantine. 
Release or delete emails for all users.
Search View View View Search
Individual User View personal quarantine.
Release or delete emails for own addresses.
No access No access No access Edit own profile No access

Deciding which Accounts to Create

Deciding who gets access to the quarantine can drastically influence how you use Cumulus.

There are 4 different approaches to creating accounts in order to manage Cumulus and the quarantine:

  1. Centralized quarantine managed only by administrators.
  2. Centralized quarantine managed by administrators with a small number of manually created individual quarantine accounts.
  3. Individual quarantine accounts created by users self-subscribing.
  4. Individual quarantine accounts automatically created for all users by LDAP synchronization.

Our Recommendation

We have found that quarantines are best managed only by administrators. This reduces the risk of individual users unintentionally releasing dangerous emails. 

Adding New Users

Prefer to have users create their accounts themselves? Check out the User Self-Provisioning option for your organization!

Click on the relevant link depending on whether you intend to add an administrator or an individual user account


Fill in basic profile information and set any options you need for this account:

Fields in italic are required.

Email address
This address will serve both as a contact address and as the username for this account
Given name First part of user's display name
Surname Second part of user's display name
Phone If the user is set as a technical contact for the organization, this number will be used if any SMS alerts are to be sent.
Language Sets the preferred UI language in Cumulus for this user
Time Zone Determines which time zone will be used in logs or the quarantine
Send a digest to the account email address When checked, will send a daily digest of emails quarantined in the past 24h for any addresses associated to this account.

If you are creating an administrator account, you will also have access to the following options:

Quarantine administration only This restricts to Quarantine administration only as explained under User Roles.
Receive filtering statistics If checked, this user will receive a weekly email on Monday containing his organization's filtering statistics for the previous week

Deleting Users

Click on the Delete link located under the add user links.

Use the checkboxes in the list to select the users to delete and click the Delete button at the bottom of the list to confirm.

Resetting User Passwords

All passwords are encrypted and private. It isn't possible for any administrator to consult the password associated to an account.

If a user forgets their password, they can use the Forgotten password link in the top right of Cumulus' login page to receive a password reset email at their user email address.

An administrator can also manually send a reset password email from under My Organization -> Users

Click the View link for the desired user and then click on the Reset password link to send them their reset email.

The links in password reset emails are only valid for 48 hours.

Editing User Profiles

Click the Select link for the user you wish to edit.

Changing User Information

Clicking on the Edit link under the User Profile heading will let you edit any details concerning the account. For more information on the fields, see Adding New Users.

Setting Users as an Account Contact

Using the Add as contact link allows you to quickly add a user as a contact for your organization with all relevant information pre-filled as a convenience

Linking Additional Email Addresses

By default, a user's My Quarantine page will only show quarantined emails sent to the email address used for their Cumulus account.

To link additional addresses or aliases to their account. Click on the Add an email address link towards the bottom of the user profile page and enter the new address. Cumulus will send an email to confirm the user has access to this mailbox. 

Once confirmed, quarantined emails sent to this address will now be visible under the account's My Quarantine page.